Thursday, February 17, 2011

Facebook doesn’t lie! -- LET THE CARPENTER STORY DIE.

Greetings NEPA ATCs -- here’ s my take on this bozo!

Facebook doesn’t lie!  = LET THE CARPENTER ARTICLE DIE!
Hey, gang it appears this Paul Carpenter cockroach isn’t going to go away anytime soon.  I expect him to magically reappear if we pursue any other legislative issues, too.  With newspapers dying off at record pace they are constantly looking for ways to bridge the gap and morph into a paid – print/online bundle version of its old self.-Link  What old Paulie has learned is that ATCs are generally more wired and easily agitated, compared to his typical reader (the 100 or so remaining daily readers like our grandparents).  Simply put AT Bashing = more ratings/views of his on-line material. This gets him perks for visibility somewhere, and IT REALLY IS A GAME FOR HIM; with this  he probably feels he hit the jackpot. – LET IT DIE – DON’T FACEBOOK SHARE THIS STORY - EITHER! 

Therefore, Facebook share the Athletic Trainer provision in state bill is defended-Link and NOT anything written directly by Carpenter!

Lets compare 2011 Carpenter articles and the number of facebook share’s pre and post ATC bashing?

     Feb 15th = 78 Shares – 1.5 stars (likes) AT- related
     Feb 12th = 21 Shares – 3.5 stars
     Feb 10th = 22 Shares – 1.5 stars
     Feb 5th = 0 Shares – 4.5 stars
     Feb 3rd = 0 Shares – 0 stars
     Feb 1st = 1,112 Shares – 1 star = AT- Bashing
     Jan 29nd = 0 Shares – 0 Stars - Gun screenings legal
     Jan 27th = 0 Shares – 3 stars
     Jan 22nd = 0 Shares – 0 Stars
     Jan 20nd = 0 Shares – 0 Stars

I think you get the point! This only matters b/c of the economics of negativity and a dying newsprint media.


Express-Times exec: Newspapers - We're not dying
Like other Valley publishing companies that include The Morning Call and Rodale, The Express-Times has been working to establish its presence in the digital media marketplace while maintaining its print product in the face of declining circulation and a tough advertising market. Average weekday circulation for The Express-Times dropped 3 percent to 40,965 and its Sunday circulation dropped 1.3 percent to 42,610 in the six-month period ending Sept. 30, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. The newspaper performed better than the overall industry. Nationally, newspapers lost 5 percent of their daily circulation and 4.5 percent of their Sunday circulation. Sunday is the most profitable day for newspapers. Part of the slide, Till said, has been strategic decisions by newspapers to eliminate far-flung communities from their circulation base and focus on core communities. Till predicted the local newspaper industry will move away from giving away free content online.
"The free model is the dumbest model ever invented … and it will go away," he said, predicting consumers will purchase information digitally in a manner similar to buying music downloads.
Asked if the Northampton County newspaper would try to expand its presence in Lehigh County, Till said it is limited by print capacity. The company has to do a better job of "branding out," he said. The company's website is called because it wants its brand associated with the overall Valley.
—Spencer Super
Allentown Morning Call Info
Allentown Morning Call is a daily newspaper in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA covering local news, sports, business, jobs, and community events. The newspaper is published seven days a week. The Morning Call covers Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley region, the third most populous metropolitan region in the state. With daily circulation of 94,859, Allentown Morning Call is Ranked 80th the largest circulation newspapers in the USA. Learn more at Mondo Newspapers, the worldwide newspaper directory. This newspaper is owned by Tribune Publishing.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feb 2011 - PATS Northeast Representive - Blog

This blog was created to keep you informed about what is going on with the PATS Board.Without ovewhelming your email inbox!! Please bookmark this webpage and check back for updates!

Greetings NEPA PATS Members!

The BoD continues to work very hard to promote the Athletic Training Profession across the state.  Checkout some of the Highlights BELOW...

As you may know Concussion legislation has been making its way through the PA House and Senate and it was recently re-introduced by Representative Briggs. While it is not perfect, for the first time PATS has been able to work closely with the legislators who are crafting the bill.  It is important to remember that we are not the primary sponsors of the bill but thanks to the efforts of our governmental affairs committee and our lobbyist the Winter Group - Athletic Trainers are appropriately positioned within this legislation.
1) Associated Press Article - Link 
2) Briggs House Bill 200 - Link

PATS recognized a need to encourage more AT professional to stay engaged with us and improve our reach when getting the word out to our members and local legislators regarding issues that affect athletic training profession.  Therefore we are seeking interested members to serve as COUNTY DELEGATES.  The basic duties are to help share information among other ATCs that work in that county and when needed serve as a liaison to legislators from your particular area. I believe this is a great - non-labor/travel intensive way to stay involved with PATS.  Terms are run in conjunction with the regional reps so that a close working relationship can eb maintained, they can also be extended to help ease the transition of new Regional Reps. ***PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP IF YOUR ARE INTERESTED AND WHAT COUNTY YOU WOULD LIKE TO SERVE!!!
1) County Delegate Job Description - Link

Its that time of year that PATS seeks nominations for the Board of Directors.  While its flown by my first term serving you is up.  I am considering running again, but with a two-year old toddler and a full time ATC mom & wife. Time is precious in the Dietrich Household.  If you've ever thought about how you'd like to see our profession grow in PA over the next decade -- now is the time.  Share your ideas, the board is full of great ATCs from all backgrounds and settings and we rely on new thoughts an opinions.  It is a great and humbling experience that I believe every ATC should experience. If you are in the Secondary school setting how could you pass up an opportunity to share your concerns and the concerns of the ATCs in your region.  PLEASE CONSIDER RUNNING for PATS Become a Nominee for PATS NE Representative. - Email Michael Ludwikowski, ATC

We are looking for 2-3 locations and event organizers to host a meet-n-greet or Athletic Trainer Appreciation Nights; These gatherings serve two purposes 1) social night where family, friends, athletes and coaches can gather and enjoy good food/spirits in a setting outside of the Athletic Training room and 2) raise money to support PATS-PAC legislative efforts in Harrisburg. The PATS-PAC is still in the process of setting up but that shouldn't stop us from getting together and having a good time.  IF YOU KNOW A GREAT RESTAURANT or are willing to organize and host an event like this please email/call me and we will get it up and running. - Email

You've asked for it, we made it happen. Do you have camps or shot-term/per diem opportunities for ATCs. If you are a PATS member you can post job opportunities and look for events in your area the need coverage.  Click Here to learn more.


In the next few weeks we will be asking our members to choose PATS new slogan. The PR committee has done an excellent job at coming up with possible slogans and we are in the process of narrowing that list to 3-5 options. From there we will be asking you to vote on the one you think is best. More information will be out shortly!!   >>>> VOTE NOW <<<<<  online voting ends Friday, February 18th 2011

PA License Plate Fundraiser!  
Check it out.   The PATS Public Relations Committee has developed a fundraiser to spread the word about certified athletic trainers across the commonwealth. The custom PATS branded license plate (sample pictured above), would replace your existing plate and display across the Keystone State that you are a certified athletic trainer.  Would you be interested in purchasing a License Plate to help promote PATS.  Projected costs are about $35 for the Plate and $35 for transfer fees. We need to sell 300 so please let me know if you/parents family or friends are interested!!

Our convention committee is in the process of organizing an annual concussion summit, designed to offer CMEs for physicians and CEUs for ATCs the hope is that both would be interested in attending the session.  Please ask your team physician if they are interested in participating -- It will be held in conjunction with our PATS Annual Meeting in Lancaster! - Link

The annual northeast PA scholarship Run will be held in East Stroudsburg this year and we are looking for gifts, sponsors and runners. If you are interested in volunteering, donating raffle merchandise or just participating in the run please email me and be on the lookout on the upcoming PATS facebook events page. -Save $5.00; Register Online! - Link

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. 
Please consider following/subscribing or bookmarking this blog!