Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tips That Can Help You Train Your Puppy

Many people are always happy when they get a puppy for the family. It is better to get a puppy so that it can get used to the family early. When it becomes older, it will be able to identify members of the family. For this to happen, the puppy has to undergo puppy training so that it can get used to the people it will be around. However, the puppy can frustrate you when it starts messing up the house with its excrements. This can become frustrating as one has to keep cleaning after the puppy. With puppy training, you can be able to help the dog know where to excrete.

There are certain ebooks and physical books that can help you train your puppy to become a well-behaved animal. In these books and manuals, you will find tips that will help you train it. The importance of the training is to help the puppy behave well.

Let us look at some of the tips of training these baby dogs.

One important tip when puppies are being trained is to ensure that they don't mess up anywhere and everywhere. If the puppy develops this habit at an early age, it will become more difficult to control it at a later stage in its life. This kind of training should start when the puppy is about 6 months old. Just like with human beings, training helps create a certain habit. There are some neighbours who can charge you in a court of law because of this bad habit of the dog. You can also train the puppy not to mess up on the floor or on the carpet.

Another tip in puppy training is teaching it how to respect and love you. This is similar with children. Normally, we reward children when they do the right thing and punish them when they do the wrong thing. The same principle can be applied to puppies: reward the puppy if it does something nice and 'punish' it if it does something wrong. The puppy has to realise that you own it and that you are in charge of it. Puppy training is not supposed to bully the puppy but rather make it respect and love you.

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