Friday, November 16, 2012

The Best Site for Insurance Review

Today many insurance companies offer services in protection. Buying insurance becomes very important because we never know when a bad thing happens to us. Moreover, we never know that when the thing happens we may have no money and thus, we cannot pay such a bad thing. However, when we buy insurance, the company will pay for any risk or danger occurs in our life. Insurance it self can raging from health, education, life, house, and many more. That is why buying insurance is very beneficial because we never know if financial losing may occur in our life.

Even though many companies offer services in insurance, they have different services, procedures, ease, benefits, and prices of course. As a smart consumer, we must be very selective before deciding which company we will join. However, such an activity is not easy because sometimes we do not enough time for comparing one company to another. Moreover, those companies may not show their disadvantage unless they will not get any consumers. 

It is not impossible for us to compare many insurance companies easily. Today, life insurance rates come to help us compare those companies easily. Moreover, this site makes us easily get a lot of information about those company insurance.

Where Could I Get Review of Car Insurance?

A car needs more protection. We always bring it to the mechanical to ensure that the machine will always be ok. Moreover, we also bring it to show room to ensure that it will be always clean and thus, it looks beautiful. Moreover, we also facilitate our car with various facilities which make us comfortable using our car. However, those protections are not enough. Sometimes, we need other protection because we never know if something bad happens to it. Thus, insurance is needed to help us protect our car. Many benefits offered by an insurance company, however, it is unaffordable for many people because it is very expensive.

You should not worry because today, you can get auto insurance with low cost but high quality of protection. Moreover, many companies offer competitive prices for consumers. Thus, you can choose the best insurance company for your cars. They also offer various protections for their consumers. Thus, you should not worry for any choice. If you are still confused and do not have enough information in selecting the best insurance company for your car, you can get more information, review, and comparison in car insurance rates’ home. This site provides a lot of review of various car insurance companies for you.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dogs Rescue in Colorado

Even though dogs are considered as the friendliest animals to human, the fact shows that a lot of dogs are living their life alone without the care they need from their “friends”. For people who do not like dogs, the fact does not mean anything. However, most people agree that they have to be rescued from the streets and given the chance of living in the proper place with proper care. This is the reason why we should appreciate what the animals, especially dogs, rescue does to save the dogs and give them second chance they need.

I do not really know why when I think about dogs, I always refer to Colorado as the place that comes to my head. Maybe, it is because of my favorite song which is sung by my favorite rock band with the title of ‘Colorado Bulldog’. However, I do not want to talk about the song, but the Colorado animal rescue especially the Colorado dog rescue that you may need to understand well. What I need to talk here is the importance of rescuing the dogs because they deserve to get the better place to live. Besides, a lot of people need their “service” at home not only as the guard bust mostly as the faithful family member. It is possible for people who need the dog to be adopted by searching on the internet. However, finding the best website where people can make an agreement about the adoption must be very important to do. In this case, there are several things to consider before making the agreement.

The basic thing you should consider when you decide to adopt a dog online is that you should make sure that you adopt the dog from the best website where caring people work. It must be great if the website is the one that does not “sell” the dog as a commodity. The website should be the one that really cares about the dog and tries the best to send the dog to stable family. The reason is that the dogs rescued are the ones that got the violence so that the rescue should do something to help them. Just like what I said about my favorite song, I want to share the best website of dog rescue Colorado where you can share any information about abused and neglected dogs or to adopt one for the new member in your family. You just need to check the links to understand more about the website.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Easy Cash for Limited Time Need

Your life sometimes can surprise you in unexpected way. You may get a problem at the time you do not really expect it happens to you. It must be the bad surprise that your life gives to you. However, you could be surprised of how your life actually gives you the solution for every problem you have. The most common one, you may get a financial problem so that you have to provide some amount of money in a very limited time given. In this case, you can get the cash through payday loan as the easiest way to get the cash instantly.

One thing you should know about payday loan is that getting the cash through payday loan is easier than what you may think. You can apply for the loan online through online payday loan now. It means that you do not have to go anywhere but sitting behind your desk. It is recommended for you to find the best lender just to make sure that your application will be approved soon. Here, there is a recommended site you can directly visit now just by clicking the links available. You will get the surprise how fast it takes to get the cash.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Two Smartphone apps appear helpful for Athletic Trainers!

Many thanks to PATS Monroe County Delegate Matt Shelton of Stroudsburg HS!!

He recently shared some smartphone apps that could make an Athletic Trainer's life a little easier!Check em out, and tell me what you think! Coachsmart has some great tools for preventing heat illness, and the SCAT2 can be helpful as well. Wait on purchasing the app titled "Athletic Trainer".

NOT READY YET -- There is a PAID app called "Athletic Trainer" that's not quite there yet. It allows for easy SOAP notes, however it requires internet access, not a luxury on many practice fields, a way to enter offline and sync back at the office might make this a no brainer.  The current version does not rotate in landscape mode making it harder to read and difficulty to enter info.  It is free for upto five patients if you want to give it a try! 

I wouldn't be surprised if many of our recognized injury tracking distributors, like ATS have apps currently in development too, so keep looking

Do you use other smartphone apps for work?
Email me your review and I'll post them!! 


Scott Dietrich


 1) CoachSmart
(opens new window)

2) SCAT2

Thursday, August 2, 2012

PATS Northeast Region Summer 2012 Update!

Greetings Licensed Athletic Trainers' of NEPA!

I hope you've had a great summer, with two-a-days just around the corner, I thought you might find some of the following links helpful! PATS has some exciting news that will be announced in the next few weeks so please stay tuned to facebook and to learn more!  

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1) TIPS on Developing Standard Operating Procedures

2) Athletic Training Standards of Practice (PA)

3) Heat Illness Video on CBS News;lst;1

Have your coaches completed the training, since July 1st?

3) Athletic Trainer's Role in Managing Concussions
 Check out this video by the NATA about athletic trainers and concussions.

As always if you have news, questions or would just like to say hi please email me or your county delegate! Let us know the many great things you are working on!

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable 2012 fall sports season!

Scott Dietrich, EdD, ATC, LAT
PATS Northeastern Regional Representative

PATS is looking for sites to host an ATHLETIC TRAINER APPRECIATION NIGHT in each region -- Now is your chance to get involved, if your school or booster club is interested please recommend a location.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

2012 PATS Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposium Recap!

2012 PATS Annual Meeting Recap -- Lancaster, PA

PATS Leads the way on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)
The 32nd Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers' Society (PATS) Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium was held at the Marriott Lancaster – Downtown and Convention Center from June 7-9, 2012. Pennsylvania is the first state to enact a law addressing Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the student athlete population. PATS lead the discussion during the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Forum in which PATS invited House Bill 1610 sponsor Pennsylvania Representative Mike Vereb, James Weber, Michael Meyer, MS, ATC, LAT, of California University of Pennsylvania, Larry Cooper, MS, ATC, LAT of Penn Trafford High School and PATS Secondary School Committee Chair and Darren Sudman of the Simon’s Fund to discuss the latest issues.

PLEASE Remind your coaches that the new PA law requires concussion training.

Department of Health Approved Regional Concussion Courses
The Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania along with the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society will be presenting FREE Approved Departments of Health and Education Regional Concussion Courses in all 12 PIAA Districts. The courses meet the Safety in Youth Sports Act requirements for concussion education for coaches and are being offered as an alternative to the approved online programs offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Federation of State High School Associations and the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society. All attendees will be provided a course completion certificate to verify your participation in this event.

PATS Licensure Extravaganza a huge success!
With the chairperson of the State Board of Medicine, Dr. James Freeman and the Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele (she signs our license documents) on hand to give some memorable awards, PATS celebrated an accomplishment that was 30 years in the making! Taking care of business might have been an appropriate theme, but many contributions were acknowledged and complimentary hors devours and open bar as a DJ spun the tunes! Earning Licensure for our membership is a great accomplishment for our profession and has already gone a long way for increasing respect among other health care professionals and our presence has never been greater in Harrisburg where we are lucky to be well represented.

PATS Welcomes New President!
At the close of Saturday's business meeting our organization welcomed its 20th president.  Dr. Yvette Ingram of Lock Haven continues a great tradition of leading our organization to new heights. Many thanks to Greg Janik of Kings and Tom West of California of PA for their many great contributions serving in this role.

Enjoy your summer, then NATA Conference or whatever road your plans take you down.  **Remember the new CEU reporting period will end shortly after NEXT YEARS ANNUAL MEETING SO PLAN TO ATTEND the 2013 Meeting at the Woodlands in Wilkes-Barre, PA


Scott Dietrich, EdD, ATC, LAT, CSCS
ESU Athletic Training Education
PATS Northeastern Repesentitive

Monday, May 21, 2012

ATTN PATS Members -- Volunteer's Needed!!
Sunday, June 3rd
 Lafayette College (Easton, PA)

 Contact: MATT BAYLY
(610) 330-5766

PLEASE consider volunteering for part or all of the day. It’s a great atmosphere, and a tremendous cause. Show-up time is 8am, followed by field set-up, then morning session 9-12. Lunch & guest speaker (Penn State’s Bill O’Brien) are 12-1, then afternoon session from 1-3. After field cleanup of about 30 minutes, we join the 250+ coaches for an on-site cook-out put on Outback.

Please respond yes, no, or maybe- so I can get an idea of how many ATs , nurses, & MDs we’ll have available.

Lastly- Please pass this on to anyone who may also be interested in helping out.

The eighth annual Lauren´s First and Goal Football Camp will be held on Sunday, June 3 at Lafayette College´s Metzgar Athletics Complex in Easton, Pa. Lauren´s First and Goal is a non-profit organization, a labor of love started in 2004 by John and Marianne Loose in honor of their daughter, Lauren, a 13-year-old pediatric brain tumor survivor. Since its inception, LFG has raised more than $800,000 toward its mission to provide financial support for brain tumor research and cancer services, to offer financial and emotional support to families living with pediatric cancer, and to increase awareness of the disease.

CAMP OVERVIEW: Lauren´s First and Goal Football Camp is a one-day non-contact camp for any student who will be entering 9th through 12th grades in Sept. of 2010. Players will be divided into small groups by position and age for offensive and defensive skill instruction. Student-athletes should wear sneakers to the facility to be used on the turf, and bring football shoes for the grass.
During Lauren´s First and Goal Football Camp, participants will have the unique opportunity to make contact with Division I, II & III college coaches who are volunteering their time and expertise to work the camp. The camp will also feature a guest speaker. Last year, more than 275 college coaches volunteered at the LFG camp. The camper to coach ratio will be approximately 8 to 1.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Work From Home by Starting Your Own Dog Training Business

If you enjoy dogs and would like to have your very own small business, what about considering starting up a dog training business?

You will be spending your time handling wonderful animals instead of being chained to a desk. If you are seeking flexibility to follow your passion and you also enjoy working with animals, this could be an ideal business plan for you.

There are no 9- 5 days for a dog training businessperson simply because you're able to decide when to work. Furthermore, you are able to choose if you wish to do group dog training, one-on-one classes, or both. You also can decide if you would like the dogs to come to your property for training or maybe you would prefer to go to the dog's home location.

One of the most attractive parts of being a dog trainer is that you can go anywhere in the world and your services will be needed. There's no need to be tied down to one location if you like to be on the move.

A lot of people are seeking dog training work, and your small business could possibly be the ideal place for their expertise. Your staff may also provide further services like dog walking to help the dogs in between sessions and improve your profits.

Dog training can be a very rewarding career and while the lure of working with animals is an appealing factor, the truth is you will more than likely be working more closely with people.

Dog Trainers are in high demand! If you think you have the skills to train a dog, this may be the business for you!

Look at dog training as a service industry within any area. Becoming a certified dog trainer will certainly give you some standing within any community and someone who possesses the skills to help people meet a growing need for teaching dogs the skills to fit into society.

Finding a good training program however, may be a little difficult for some. Here are at least five requirements any dog certificate training course should have:

#1 Any course should look at a history of dog training. Going back as far as the 1900's is preferred and this section will also compare different training methods not just in the canine world but within the animal world in general.

#2 There should be a module looking at the difference between training canines and human learning. This is a very crucial aspect and leads into such areas as negative and positive re-enforcement of the animal, punishment strategies and conditioned animal responses.

#3 A look at dog behaviour is required. You may think you understand your dog but a training course will teach you a whole lot more. This includes such topics as developmental behaviour, behavioural genetics, body language, social development and the characteristics of different breeds.

#4 You will need to learn how to design a class. In other words, how to structure it, what to include in the course and what materials will be required, counselling owners, knowing how to speak with and motivate dog handlers and how to select your clientele.

#5 There will definitely need to be a business module within the certification dog training course. Knowing how to start a business is important and knowing how to maintain it is equally as important.

Before registering for a dog training school, do your research. Ask a variety of questions about methods which are taught and what's contained in the curriculum.

A very good dog training school ought to include business managing education in establishing a dog training business. Also, look for schools that contain an array of canine psychology and behaviour, along with teach how to create dog training courses for customers.

Once you have acquired your certificate in dog training you can start to set up your own business.

Firstly; decide what you would like your business name to be. Be certain to put what you're providing within the title, for example Joe's Dog Training Service. This way your prospects are certain they are calling for what they're looking for.

Secondly; legalize your business. Go to your state's business website and register your business. To find your local government office does a search for "running a business in [your state]

Thirdly; is to get insurance. This is very important. You can never predict if you may be bit or maybe if the dog will bite another person or any other dog. You can invest in insurance protection via ADPT which is a connection for dog trainers. This organization provides extensive valuable benefits to its membership.

Fourthly; get your paperwork in order. You need to be sure you have got a signed training application to understand the dog's history. To purchase professional paperwork, you can visit the Business Forms Store.

Last but not least; is to work on getting clients. This will probably be the toughest and most time-consuming part of starting off your dog training business. Websites are most often the simplest way to draw in clients because most people search for what they need on the internet.

You may also get testimonials and referrals from local veterinarians and dog breeders as well a pet supply store.

Those two are the best techniques for finding clients. When you happen to be in business for some time, you will begin to get customers by word of mouth marketing.

If you would like to read more about starting your own dog training business, check out some helpful books and articles on my website.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Are Human Foods Safe for Your Dog?

It can be very difficult to ignore your dog as he lovingly and longingly looks up at you begging you to share your mouth-watering food with him. Many of us can't resist giving our dog human food now and then, but what foods are actually safe to share with your dog? Of course, you should always check with your veterinarian and be aware of any food allergies your dog has, but there are several foods that are okay to give your dog.

Popcorn: When you and your pooch are cuddled up on the couch watching a movie together it is all right to share some of your popcorn with your dog. Ideally it should have no butter or salt, which is a great low calorie snack for your dog (and for you!)

Squash: Squash is a good treat cooked or raw. It helps in preventing constipation in your dog and is also beneficial for eyesight.

Green Beans: They can be given to your dog thawed or frozen.

Pasta: Cooked pasta is a great treat for your dog. You can also freeze it and give it to your dog frozen.

Apples: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apples are a good source of fiber and vitamins for both you and your dog. Obviously, don't feed your dog the seeds or the apple core J

Rice: Rice can be a nice treat if your dog has a tummy ache. White rice is easier to digest while brown rice contains more protein and less starch.

Lean meat: Chicken, beef, and pork all provide a good source of protein.

Salmon: Salmon can help your dog's immune system and can help keep their fur and skin healthy.

Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamins for your pet and are tasty too!

Cottage Cheese: Cottage cheese is high in protein and calcium. Since cottage cheese is a dairy product, and some dogs don't do very well with dairy, make sure to only give a small amount.

Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is a healthy high-protein treat. You can put some inside of a toy or a bone and let your dog lick it out.

Eggs: Eggs are a good source of protein for your dog.

Melons: Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew are all healthy melons you can share with your pet. Stay away from the more exotic melons.

Many dog treat manufacturers are now incorporating the above foods in to their treats. Of course, they are probably not as good as the real thing but are also good options for a healthy treat. Many local pet stores in Arlington, such as Dogma, offer natural treats with some of the above ingredients, such as peanut butter. If you have a dog walker, you can ask him or her to give your dog one of the above treats when they come by for their daily visits.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tips That Can Help You Train Your Puppy

Many people are always happy when they get a puppy for the family. It is better to get a puppy so that it can get used to the family early. When it becomes older, it will be able to identify members of the family. For this to happen, the puppy has to undergo puppy training so that it can get used to the people it will be around. However, the puppy can frustrate you when it starts messing up the house with its excrements. This can become frustrating as one has to keep cleaning after the puppy. With puppy training, you can be able to help the dog know where to excrete.

There are certain ebooks and physical books that can help you train your puppy to become a well-behaved animal. In these books and manuals, you will find tips that will help you train it. The importance of the training is to help the puppy behave well.

Let us look at some of the tips of training these baby dogs.

One important tip when puppies are being trained is to ensure that they don't mess up anywhere and everywhere. If the puppy develops this habit at an early age, it will become more difficult to control it at a later stage in its life. This kind of training should start when the puppy is about 6 months old. Just like with human beings, training helps create a certain habit. There are some neighbours who can charge you in a court of law because of this bad habit of the dog. You can also train the puppy not to mess up on the floor or on the carpet.

Another tip in puppy training is teaching it how to respect and love you. This is similar with children. Normally, we reward children when they do the right thing and punish them when they do the wrong thing. The same principle can be applied to puppies: reward the puppy if it does something nice and 'punish' it if it does something wrong. The puppy has to realise that you own it and that you are in charge of it. Puppy training is not supposed to bully the puppy but rather make it respect and love you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Simple Guidelines in Buying Dog Beds

A more enlightening understanding of the adjective dog-tired will be gleaned by unsuspecting people after they find out that this word has a bit of factual basis as well as a brief history to go along with it. Dogs, at a young age, typically have insurmountable physical energy to help them keep up with their daily activities. The level of physically unflagging activities that canines participate in on a daily basis can even surpass humans at some point. Thus, the enthusiastic but inevitably taxing routine exertions that our furry friends partake in everyday certainly accounts for their lengthy REM cycles usually reaching up to half a day, not surprisingly since researchers have proven that dogs spend about an equal fraction of their lifetimes sleeping.

We take extra care to provide our loved ones with the ideal supplies and necessities when they are under our roof and if you have a pet dog, providing them these necessary living arrangements in the same level as your relatives is pretty much a given. They might not be lacking when it comes to receiving nutritious food but have you been thinking about the level of comfort that your dogs are presently enjoying while they're fast asleep? They also deserve comfortable dog beds to sleep on.

If you have been particularly concerned about this aspect of your dog's domestic way of life, then finding out about the burgeoning dog bed manufacturing industry will probably come as a relief. Since the industry's inception, the varieties of dog beds have consistently been doubling with specialised improvements being hntegrated into a diverse range of dog beds. The wide range of dog beds that can readily be examined and ordered online will ensure that your beloved pet will be sleeping more conveniently with a particular bed that they can call their own in no time at all. As for the far-ranging dog bed varieties being marketed the most in demand innovations right now include heated dog beds, which ensures that your pet canine remains comfortable and warm despite the onset of freezing temperatures. On the other hand, cooling beds prevents any adverse conditions from happening to your furry friend whenever intense to moderate heat waves occur. This is even more essential for dogs that reside in tropical environments.

Taking preventative measures ensuring your pet's immunity from joint pains, arthritis and other physically debilitating conditions can be realised by purchasing orthopedic beds. The preferential sleeping positions of your pet likewise influence the type of dog bed that you'll most buy and they are available in a lot of local pet supplies store. A dimensional allowance of seven inches is recommended for dogs which retire in a curled up gait, dogs used to stretch out position, in contrast, require at most twelve inches of allowance for utmost comfort.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One Smart Chihuahua

My wife and I like to think our three year old Chihuahua Ninya is the smartest dog ever born, and the other day she did something that only reinforced that contention.
Like most dogs, Ninya has lots of toys and, again like most dogs, she knows the names of most of her toys. But unlike most dogs, Ninya makes up her own games to play with them. One of her favorite toys is what we call "stringball." It's a rubber ball with a string tied through a hole in the center so that, when it's thrown, the two eighteen-inch long strings trail tantalizingly behind it. Ninya likes to take stringball out on our patio, place it precariously on the edge of the fountain, then, taking the string in her teeth, nudge the ball into the fountain and pull it back out with the string. She will also take stringball or one of her other balls up on the chaise lounge and, standing on her hind legs, drop the ball against the back and let it roll down so she can chase it.
While we don't make a habit of feeding Ninya from the table, it has occurred with sufficient frequency that she often sits on the floor beside my chair staring soulfully up at me while I'm eating. Usually, when I ignore her, she'll go get one of her toys and bring it to me, is if to say, "Well, if you're not going to feed me, at least you can play fetch" (though I sometimes suspect her real motive is to interrupt my meal as punishment for not sharing it with her).
Last Saturday, while we were having a lunch of Waldorf Salad, I told Ninya that apples and walnuts are not good for dogs. Seeming to understand she went to her toy basket and brought me stringball and dropped it at my feet. When I threw the ball through the bedroom door, it bounced in such a way that the string became entangled in the lower cross strut on my computer desk. Ninya surveyed the situation for a second, then took the string in her teeth and pulled. The ball came up to the cross strut and stopped. She let the ball back down to the floor, then pulled on the string again - with the same result. She then dropped the string, stuck her head under the desk, and grabbed the string right next to the ball. Of course, when she pulled it out, the string untangled itself from the cross strut and she brought the ball back to me for another throw.
Now, I'm not saying Ninya is smart enough to have figured out that one of the two strings was on top of the strut and the other was on the bottom, and that she could retrieve it by pulling on the ball instead of the string. But she was at least smart enough to think, "Hey, I tried that twice and it didn't work. I think I'll try something else" - which makes my dog a lot smarter than most of the people in Washington DC (and a whole lot smarter than the people who keep voting for them).

Friday, March 2, 2012

Learn Why It's Essential To Take Care Of Your Puppy

Getting a dog at first is such a thrill and wondrous addition to the family, it's like having Christmas at a different point of the year. However many people think owning a dog is like a walk in the park when in reality there's a lot more to it than that, there's a lot of work that must be done to ensure you raise a good dog, a well behaved dog that all people love being around and playing with. Your dogs happiness and life satisfaction will all come down to how you train it when you first get him/her as a puppy. Puppies are energetic and non stop as they are so young and always full of energy, this energy must be counteracted with good solid dog training so that your dog grows up to be loyal and respectful to all. Without this training at a young age you will find it very difficult to try and achieve any obedience results later on in your dogs life.

Puppies must be handled with a certain amount of delicacy and you must think tactfully if you want to train them effectively. There are certainly right ways to do things and wrong ways to do things. For instance let's say your puppy makes a mess on the floor, you shouldn't shout out madly at the puppy when it's making the mess. Wait until a few minutes have past then make a scene about the mess. If you shout at the puppy whilst it's making the mess it will think that going to the toilet is wrong when of course it's not, it's going inside your residence that is wrong. So wait till your puppies finished then make it understand why it shouldn't be going inside the house. Then when you see the signals that your puppy is going to try and go inside the house again, take it outside and let it go there. Once your puppy has been outside you can give it praise letting it know that going outside the house is right.

Do you see the right way to handle that situation and the wrong way? It's essential that you do as you don't want your puppy to think its not right to go to the toilet, there are many other circumstances just like this one that can occur that you must deal with using the same initiative. One way a lot of people get started with puppies is by taking them to a training center where you can your puppy can bond and learn the commands together. This is a great way to get off to a good start as you get to learn what's ok and not ok when training a puppy, and your puppy will begin its training with professionals who know how to handle all types of puppies. Once you learn how to train your puppy you must stay consistent to get the most out of your training, as soon as you slip up and get lazy problems will occur.

As a top dog trainer in Salt Lake City UT, Dog Central provides more than just the usual puppy training. We do dog grooming,Doggie Day Care Salt Lake City, boarding, and even act as a dog kennel for pet adoption.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can Dogs Commit Suicide?

Recently I have been told a story about a dog who had just died. This dog often barks at everyone that passes by and is a bit aggressive to people and towards other dogs, so the owner decided to put him on a leash. The dog's mate on the other hand, isn't wearing a leash because it was not as aggressive as he is.

Being that she is free to roam around, other dogs also follow her around and try to mate with her. Apparently this behavior angered the dog on the leash, which caused him to be depressed in return. A few days later, they found the dog is dead with his leash coiled around his neck. The dog owner and the neighbors had speculated that the dog most likely killed itself because of jealousy and depression. Question is, can dogs commit suicide. Although there are a lot of varying arguments and opinions, there are a few points that you have to consider when discussing this topic.

Dog's Consciousness of Life and Death

Humans who attempt to commit suicide are aware of what life and death entails. That's why they opt to kill themselves because their consciousness tells them that death is an easier answer or an easy way out than having to suffer and agonize with the struggles and problems of life. Although it is true, based on scientific fact and discovery, that dogs can have a variety of emotions such as happiness, sadness, anxiety and even depression, what is also needed to be considered is the dog's mental awareness of the concept of death. Even with a wide spectrum of emotions, a dog's mental function, if compared to a human, is that of a two or three year old child. Children of that age do not have the consciousness or awareness of life and death, and there is no evidence that dogs have it either.

Others argue that if dogs don't have the awareness of life and death, then why is it when they feel lonely or depressed they deliberately stop eating, and they become disconnected with things around them? You also have to put in mind that humans who also feel loneliness and depression, knowingly or unknowingly disconnect themselves from the world. They are so consumed by what they are feeling, but that doesn't mean that everyone who feels depression is deliberately disconnecting themselves from their surroundings because they are attempting to commit suicide.

Another factor that you have to consider is that dogs who are disconnected with their surroundings due to depression, unknowingly develops a weakening of their strength and energy. Because of this they may not be fully aware of their actions and unconsciously just waste away.

Some people, especially pet owners that are mourning, have a hard time accepting and understanding the reason or cause of their beloved pet's death. Regardless if it was an act of suicide or not, what pet owners must come to understand is that the death of a loved one, even a pet, is a part of life. We can mourn, and ponder as to why it happened, but we need to come to terms with his death. We also need to realize that the memories of our pet does not die with them, but continues to live on once you choose to accept what had happened and learn to be happy with the times and memories that your pet has left with you.

Christina Graham has been a vetdrinarian surgery tech and/or dog groomer for over 15 years. And in those years has gained an invaluable knowledge regarding all aspects of dogs. That's why she created The Daily Pooch, a daily blog dedicated to dog lovers. She posts regular updates on all aspects of your dog's life from training to health and nutrition and everything in between. Head over to to see what it's all about.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to Keep Dogs in the Vehicle

Utilizing a car or truck harness for the canine is likely to make trips a more secure experience - for you and your dog. It will help motorists to focus on driving a car, reducing distraction and improving visibility by maintaining your dog under control in the vehicle.

Take a look at reasons why should you utilize a pet car or truck harness.

To manage an active or anxious dog in the vehicle

Avoid the pet from annoying or disturbing the motorist

Avoid the animal from getting out of through a windows or open car or truck door

Safeguard your dog from injuring themselves and passengers in the event of a major accident or heavy braking

It's recommended for the canine to continually travel on the back seats of your vehicle, as many vehicles already have safety bags both for front passengers and motorists. These aren't designed with dogs in mind! But the key reason is designed for drivers basic safety and to minimize potential distractions!

The harsh reality is that involved in a vehicle collision an unprotected dog of typical bodyweight, say 20 kilograms, traveling at only 30 mile per hour, would project the exact same force as an un-belted small kid. This may cause travelers severe or life-threatening traumas. So is it really worth the risk?

Which kind of dog harness should I select?

Below heavy stopping or in any sort of accident your dogs bodyweight is absorbed across the shoulder blades so for big dogs, you should select a car or truck harness that includes a cushioned chest muscles portion. Additional tiny dogs don't require this additional cushioning.

For the convenience of your pet, it is advisable to select a harness that is fully adjustable with fast buckling click on buckles and that will enable your pet dog flexibility to sit down, turnaround or lay down on the seats. A swiveling system prevents the vehicle harness for getting tangled, while offering your pet adequate independence to maneuver.

If you only plan to go walking your dog short distances, you can just fasten a lead to the vehicle harness. This will help you to shift your pet safely and securely in or away from the vehicle very easily. On the other hand, if you wish to make use of the harness for dog obedience training or prolonged nation walks it's preferable to buy a different pet dog harness.

It is very important calculate your pet previous to investing in a vehicle harness, as breed of dog size differ. Also, often you will discover the sex of your respective canine will impact how big the security automobile harness you choose.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top 5 ways you can make a difference!

Greetings Everyone!

Several people have asked me how they can be more involved in PATS! In the spirit of David Letterman I put a basic list together!

Practicing AT to the highest level of professionalism, is the greatest way to represent our profession.  These are 5 other ways that you can really make a difference!

#5 - RUN in the Scholarship Race -Link

#4 - HOST a "give back night" -Link -or-  Find a Corporate Sponsor -Link

#3 - DONATE to a Scholarship, PATS-PAC -Link

#2 - PLAY Golf at the PATS Symposium! -Link

#1 - Serve on a Committee -Link

Our mission is to Promote, Advocate, Transact Business, & Serve!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why Your Dog Won't Come When Called

"Why dogs don't listen" is a constant dog training question I receive. Guardians want their dogs to listen when called whether in the home and or on a dog walk; owners don't like being ignored. How can I get my dog to come or to listen to me? When I see the interaction between the dog and the guardian I can almost tell instantly what is occurring. Often even while hearing the complaints of my clients, their dog is in the middle of jumping on them, doing something they shouldn't be doing or misbehaving in general. The client responds to the dog by yelling come, bad dog and no, multiple times with no other follow up, instruction or praise. This is an instant way to form a frustrating relationship and a debilitating bond between you and your best friend.
The dog sometimes ceases doing what the owner was yelling about and then persists to do something else the owner does not approve of. Hence the dog with "no" for a middle name. I digress, that is for another post.
When observing the relationship and dynamics between the dog and human, in many cases it is apparent that there is a lack of dog training and bond between them. How humans interact with other humans does not necessarily work with canines. That is, demanding the dog come, scolding the dog or yelling at the dog when they come or not praising them when they are doing something small and beautifully correct like coming, sitting quietly, staying...etc. any and all of these former situations would condition the dog to not come when called rather than to come. One should be using positive reinforcement when dog training as this conditions your dog to think that you are the center of the universe and makes positive association between you and your best friend. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, most notably celebrating (even if you're not happy with his behavior previous to your calling him), when he comes to you. If you are upset or in a bad mood, don't use the word come or his name before scolding him. You will risk forming a negative association with those words.
It seems very logical that the more your best friend wants to be around you and finds you interesting (more so than sniffing another dog's bum or eating grass...etc.) the better off your relationship will be.
Start training you dog. Bring high value treats (food or toys) to the park with you and outdoors in general where there are more distractions and enticing things and celebrate eye contact and coming to you when called. "Don't sweat the small stuff" should be replaced with "celebrate the small stuff". Making these small changes will improve your dog's recall and your relationship immensely.
Russ Hartstein is the owner and operator of Fun Paw Care and has over 25 years of experience in the Miami dog training and canine good citizen. Fun Paw Care works with all levels of dog training and behavior issues. If you are interested in our dog training services, please visit us online today!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fleece Dog Sleeping Bags for Tiny Dogs

Pet owners are always looking for new ways to make their tiny dogs happy and comfortable. Like humans, dogs like to have their own things that make them feel special. Does your pet like to hide in towels, clothing or under covers? Most little dogs do. It makes them feel safe and secure the way they should feel. Since tiny dogs like to cuddle up in something soft, the fleece dog sleeping bags or blankets make the perfect accessory.

Fleece dog sleeping bags are made especially for small breed dogs. They are soft, cuddly blankets that are sewn together on three sides to make a sleeping bag. Your pet can crawl up in the bag and completely hide out until he is ready to come out and play.

Benefits of the Fleece Dog Sleeping Bags

These sleeping bags have many benefits for your pet. When you give her a fleece blanket, she won't try to get on the furniture to curl up, which is much safer for her. Many little dogs are injured when they jump off chairs and sofas because the impact jars their body. When she has a fleece blanket to craw up in, it helps to keep her safer and healthier. You won't find her sleeping in your laundry anymore, either because she'll have her own special place to cuddle.

They're lightweight and easy to store so they're perfect for traveling. You won't have to worry about where your pup will sleep. Just pull out his sleeping bag and he can crawl up in the blanket anytime he needs to rest.

Fleecd dog sleeping bags are also durable and easy to clean. All you have to do is toss it in the washing machine and it's just like new. You can find them in a variety of colors so there should be something that goes great with any d├ęcor. They make excellent gifts, too. Anyone would love to get one of these as a gift for their tiny dog.

They're More Than Just an Accessory

The fleece dog sleeping bag is more than just an accessory. They help make your pet feel safe and secure because it's her own special place. They're so soft and comfortable that she'll be completely relaxed all curled up inside of one to rest. When she's ready to sleep, she won't have to look for a place. She'll know exactly where to go.

These fleece blankets help to keep him warm, too. Tiny dogs get colder than other dogs do so they like to have a warm, soft place to go. They can even be cold in the middle of the summer depending on how cool you keep your home. You'll often see them shaking and shivering even when you don't think it's cool.

When you're searching for a great way to show your tiny dog how much you care, give her a fleece dog sleeping bag. You'll love it as much as she does when you see how happy it makes her. You can even pick up two or three and have them in different locations in your home so she will have one no matter which room she's in.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

12 Things That a Pet Dog Should Not Eat

Despite various recommendations by pet experts for avoiding some eating habits of our dogs, sometimes we overlook or simply do not believe in them.
Here are those twelve things you should never let your dog eat. Some seem obvious, but the statistics say that for many pet owners are not clear about what to do.

1. Huesos:
The bones are bad for animals. If the dog can chew or break it with his teeth, the risk that key splinter in your dog's mouth, pharynx, stomach or intestine is very high. Never give chicken bones and if you give one, which has to be a practically a beef cartilage.

2. Chocolate:
Because it contains theobromine, a small piece of chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea and hyperactivity at first and then from 4 to 6 hours of death from stroke and end of your arteries. A bowel prep is an option but in the hands of the veterinarian.

3. Alcohol:
The consumption of a small dose of alcohol can disorient them, make them nervous and attack things or hurting themselves. A high dose can inhibit the central nervous system, respiration and heart rate, leading to death.

4. Lactose:
Although pups consume cow's milk, most adult dogs and cats are lactose intolerant, it generates vomiting and diarrhea. Although they like, give lactose-free milk.

5. Ham and salted meats:
Being high in fat and have preservatives, they are all based on salt and salted meat sausages are very dangerous for pets. They produce stomach pain and pancreatitis. Because the salt of these meats, it can cause unusual consumption of water and cause gas that can kill the animal.

6. Onion:
Onions are toxic to dogs and cats because it contains allyl propyl disulfide, which damages red blood cells from your blood and can cause death, to make them anemic and cause them breathing problems. If you eat onions, take your pet to the doctor immediately.

7. Garlic:
Hurts dogs and cats, but especially the latter.

8. Caffeine:
Xanthine containing caffeine like chocolate stimulates the central nervous system and cardiac systems and within hours can cause vomiting, restlessness, heart palpitations and even death.

9. Avocado:
The avocado is high in fat; It generate stomach pains, vomiting and pancreatitis. The shell is toxic to them and may block the intestine.

10. Tuna:
The humans who consume tuna provide omega 3 and 6 cats, but do not contain an amino acid called taurine that keeps the heart muscle strength. Search tuna for cats, but never in oil.

11. Grapes and raisins:
They can damage your kidneys or generate adverse reactions.

12. Aspirin:
Never occurs to them, however obvious it may seem the recommendation. It is very toxic to animals.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is A Dog House For My Dog Really Necessary?

Have you ever been to a friend's house and had their dog jump all over you and generally become a pest? Did the owner keep hollering at the poor thing to go away.
Was there a place that it could go?
Your answer to that is actually an answer to the initial question about a dog house being a necessity.
I am one of the people who feel that every living thing needs a home, whether it is a hole in a tree, a cave or a hive with the rest of the bees.
I currently have 2 small dogs, a Dachshund and a Chihuahua, but over the years my wife and I have had numerous pets of all varieties.
Every animal that we have had, demonstrated the need for a place to call their own.
Our goldfish staked claim to certain portions of the tank, our cats laid claim to the areas where their bed and food were and even our goats had a nice shelter but each selected one side as their very own.
When my wife and I go on a trip or a vacation and stay in a hotel, it is inevitable that we will each claim a portion of the room as ours. It might be one side of the bed, a couple of dresser drawers for our stuff or even one of the chairs in the room.
Now, put yourself in your dog's shoes or paws as the case might be. Don't you think that your loving pet would like a little corner of the world to call their own? A place to stash their toys, curl up in their blanket and just relax away from the family and the confusion that sometimes results.
My two dogs are housed in our laundry room because they are so small and can't have an outside dog house. Each of them has their own crate, their own food bowls and their own basket for their special toys.
Of course, just like people, they sometimes swap toys, beds and eat each others food. But they both know what stuff is theirs and what belongs to the other.
If you have a pet that stays outside all the time they definitely need a dog house. I can't imagine just throwing a blanket on the porch and thinking that this is enough to keep the pet safe, warm and secure. In the human world I believe that is called homelessness.
Do your dog a big favor, either build or buy them a great dog house. They are "man's best friend", fiercely loyal, always glad to see you and always willing to give you lots of love and affection. Show them how much you love and care for them, they deserve a nice new home.
Robert D. Schroeder is a firm believer that every dog should have it's own dog house. Join Robert at and learn about building or buying dog houses. Without a place to call their own, a dog can start to think that your whole house is theirs, and then the problems begin. If you want to build your own dog house you can get many very good ideas and plans at Great Dog House Plans Enjoy your pets and always remember, home is where their heart is, give them a good dog house.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Diagnosing and Treating Dog Allergies

More often than not, our pets can experience some of the same problems that we do. One such example is that dogs can also suffer from allergies. Fortunately, there are numerous ways for dog allergies treatment so it is more of a matter of finding out exactly what the cause for the allergic reaction is.

Dogs, like people, show allergic symptoms when the immune system recognizes a certain substance as dangerous. These substances are present in everyday life and most dogs are not affected by them. However, a dog with allergies will have a reaction to the substance whenever it inhales, ingests or comes into contact with the substance. The manner in which it affects the dog depends on the allergen itself.

Dogs can become allergic to a long list of things but a few examples are pollen, mold spores, dust, fleas, cleaning products, insecticidal shampoos, certain food ingredients, among many others.

Any dog can develop allergic reactions at any point in their lives. There are some specific dog breeds like terriers, setters, retrievers and flat-faced breeds in which allergies are more common to develop.

Some of the symptoms that may be identified to help determine if your dog has allergies are itchy skin (which will result in excessive scratching), runny eyes, sneezing, vomiting, and diarrhea. Consulting a veterinarian is recommended if the dog presents any of these symptoms. The veterinarian will more accurately determine the cause of the allergies so the dog owner can make the necessary changes to stop the allergies.

Dog allergies treatments are specific to the allergen to which the dog is reacting to. Dog allergies caused by fleas can easily be treated with the use of flea control programs and products. Bathing the dog once a week is a good way to remove environmental allergens like pollen from the dog's skin and helps relieve the itching sensation. Asking a veterinarian about what shampoo to use is recommended, as bathing the dog with the wrong shampoo can worsen the problem. Cleaning the dog's bedding and vacuuming areas of the house where dust gathers is an effective treatment when dust is the cause for allergies. The most complex form of treatment is needed when dogs have a food allergy. Dogs must be put on a special diet until the allergic reactions has stopped manifesting. Once this is done, the dog is reintroduced to old foods to determine which the allergen is.

There are also a variety of allergy injections, medications and supplements that can either prevent or help treat allergies. These should only be administered to the dog with instructions by a veterinarian.

Most dog allergies treatments are simple and don't require much more special attention to the dog. The only important step is determining with the help a veterinarian what the allergen is that is causing the reaction so a treatment can be advised.