Friday, March 2, 2012

Learn Why It's Essential To Take Care Of Your Puppy

Getting a dog at first is such a thrill and wondrous addition to the family, it's like having Christmas at a different point of the year. However many people think owning a dog is like a walk in the park when in reality there's a lot more to it than that, there's a lot of work that must be done to ensure you raise a good dog, a well behaved dog that all people love being around and playing with. Your dogs happiness and life satisfaction will all come down to how you train it when you first get him/her as a puppy. Puppies are energetic and non stop as they are so young and always full of energy, this energy must be counteracted with good solid dog training so that your dog grows up to be loyal and respectful to all. Without this training at a young age you will find it very difficult to try and achieve any obedience results later on in your dogs life.

Puppies must be handled with a certain amount of delicacy and you must think tactfully if you want to train them effectively. There are certainly right ways to do things and wrong ways to do things. For instance let's say your puppy makes a mess on the floor, you shouldn't shout out madly at the puppy when it's making the mess. Wait until a few minutes have past then make a scene about the mess. If you shout at the puppy whilst it's making the mess it will think that going to the toilet is wrong when of course it's not, it's going inside your residence that is wrong. So wait till your puppies finished then make it understand why it shouldn't be going inside the house. Then when you see the signals that your puppy is going to try and go inside the house again, take it outside and let it go there. Once your puppy has been outside you can give it praise letting it know that going outside the house is right.

Do you see the right way to handle that situation and the wrong way? It's essential that you do as you don't want your puppy to think its not right to go to the toilet, there are many other circumstances just like this one that can occur that you must deal with using the same initiative. One way a lot of people get started with puppies is by taking them to a training center where you can your puppy can bond and learn the commands together. This is a great way to get off to a good start as you get to learn what's ok and not ok when training a puppy, and your puppy will begin its training with professionals who know how to handle all types of puppies. Once you learn how to train your puppy you must stay consistent to get the most out of your training, as soon as you slip up and get lazy problems will occur.

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