Wednesday, February 8, 2012

12 Things That a Pet Dog Should Not Eat

Despite various recommendations by pet experts for avoiding some eating habits of our dogs, sometimes we overlook or simply do not believe in them.
Here are those twelve things you should never let your dog eat. Some seem obvious, but the statistics say that for many pet owners are not clear about what to do.

1. Huesos:
The bones are bad for animals. If the dog can chew or break it with his teeth, the risk that key splinter in your dog's mouth, pharynx, stomach or intestine is very high. Never give chicken bones and if you give one, which has to be a practically a beef cartilage.

2. Chocolate:
Because it contains theobromine, a small piece of chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea and hyperactivity at first and then from 4 to 6 hours of death from stroke and end of your arteries. A bowel prep is an option but in the hands of the veterinarian.

3. Alcohol:
The consumption of a small dose of alcohol can disorient them, make them nervous and attack things or hurting themselves. A high dose can inhibit the central nervous system, respiration and heart rate, leading to death.

4. Lactose:
Although pups consume cow's milk, most adult dogs and cats are lactose intolerant, it generates vomiting and diarrhea. Although they like, give lactose-free milk.

5. Ham and salted meats:
Being high in fat and have preservatives, they are all based on salt and salted meat sausages are very dangerous for pets. They produce stomach pain and pancreatitis. Because the salt of these meats, it can cause unusual consumption of water and cause gas that can kill the animal.

6. Onion:
Onions are toxic to dogs and cats because it contains allyl propyl disulfide, which damages red blood cells from your blood and can cause death, to make them anemic and cause them breathing problems. If you eat onions, take your pet to the doctor immediately.

7. Garlic:
Hurts dogs and cats, but especially the latter.

8. Caffeine:
Xanthine containing caffeine like chocolate stimulates the central nervous system and cardiac systems and within hours can cause vomiting, restlessness, heart palpitations and even death.

9. Avocado:
The avocado is high in fat; It generate stomach pains, vomiting and pancreatitis. The shell is toxic to them and may block the intestine.

10. Tuna:
The humans who consume tuna provide omega 3 and 6 cats, but do not contain an amino acid called taurine that keeps the heart muscle strength. Search tuna for cats, but never in oil.

11. Grapes and raisins:
They can damage your kidneys or generate adverse reactions.

12. Aspirin:
Never occurs to them, however obvious it may seem the recommendation. It is very toxic to animals.

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