Monday, August 13, 2012

Two Smartphone apps appear helpful for Athletic Trainers!

Many thanks to PATS Monroe County Delegate Matt Shelton of Stroudsburg HS!!

He recently shared some smartphone apps that could make an Athletic Trainer's life a little easier!Check em out, and tell me what you think! Coachsmart has some great tools for preventing heat illness, and the SCAT2 can be helpful as well. Wait on purchasing the app titled "Athletic Trainer".

NOT READY YET -- There is a PAID app called "Athletic Trainer" that's not quite there yet. It allows for easy SOAP notes, however it requires internet access, not a luxury on many practice fields, a way to enter offline and sync back at the office might make this a no brainer.  The current version does not rotate in landscape mode making it harder to read and difficulty to enter info.  It is free for upto five patients if you want to give it a try! 

I wouldn't be surprised if many of our recognized injury tracking distributors, like ATS have apps currently in development too, so keep looking

Do you use other smartphone apps for work?
Email me your review and I'll post them!! 


Scott Dietrich


 1) CoachSmart
(opens new window)

2) SCAT2

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